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Cathy's House of Chicken's Policy

Cathy's House of Chicken's Policy

Chicks are guaranteed for 24 hours after pick up. Due to many different factors that are involved with the proper care of your chick I cannot guarantee any longer than that. If you do have a loss within the 24 hours time frame, in order for a replacement the deceased bird but come back with you at time of pickup of the replacement.  At that time a replacement of the same breed if available or equal money value of another breed will be given to you.


Sexing on chicks can not always be accurate. Sexed chicks are sold as females but mistakes can happen. All chick sales are final and no swaps will be given on sexed birds. Sexing is a science and is only 90% accurate. 


Straight run chicks are sold as straight run and no swap outs will be given


When purchasing a started pullet  and  the bird turns out to be a rooster you must contact me at the latest of 16 weeks of age in order for me to replace the bird. I would also need pictures of the tail feathers, a whole body shot and if you can get a video of the bird crowing that would be great.  We would then set up a time for a swap of the same breed or another breed of equal money value. No refunds will be given at any time.




When birds are purchased from us they will be looked over by myself and by you the buyer. All birds will be sold healthy with no signs of illness by the naked eye. Unfortunately, birds carry disease and stress can bring out underlying issues that is not seen by the naked eye,  this is why it is crucial to quarantine all new birds for 2 weeks to 30 days.  We advise that the new birds be given apple cider vinegar with the mother and lots of herbs to help calm the birds immune system. If you decide not to quarantine your new birds  we are not responsible for disease transmitted between existing flocks and the new birds.


 Once the bird leaves my premises I cannot control how the bird is kept, such as living conditions, feed, water, proper housing and cleaning.  At no given time are refunds issued. You must understand that we are dealing with livestock and chickens carry disease. There is no way for me to know what is going on inside the birds body system. It is vital that you get to know your birds and recognize the signs and symptoms of illness so it can be treated in a timely manner. At time of pick up you will be asked to fill out a paper with your name, address, birds purchased, and you will have to check off that you have looked over your bird for illness. You are agreeing that your birds are healthy and that you will not place blame on Cathy's House of Chickens if anything happens to your birds. The started pullets you purchase will be vaccinated for Marek's Disease. Know that there are different strains of Marek's disease and your bird can still contract the disease. Marek's is transmitted through wild birds, rodents, the ground, feather dander exc. Please note that I will not be held responsible for any bird that has contracted this illness or any other illness. By purchasing Birds from us you are agreeing to this. 


When placing orders for started pullets and/or chicks a non-refundable 50% deposit is due at time the order is placed. If you decide to pay in full and you do not wish to take the birds, 50% will be appied as a credit for next season. At no given time are payments returned. If you or Cathy's House of Chickens cancels your order your deposit is non-refundable you will not get that back. 


When your birds are ready for pickup and we have made contact via emall, text, phone exc and you do not make arrangements within 24 hours on a date and time of pickup  your order will be cancelled. 


When your birds are ready and I cannot get in touch with you I will try 3 times. If I do not hear from you within 3 days your order will be cancelled. 


When your birds are ready and we have made contact via email, text, phone exc you have 7 days to pickup your birds. After 7 days they are not picked up your order will be cancelled. 


When your birds are ready and you cannot pickup within the 7 days period and ask to pick after the 7 day window you will be charged a feed charge of $25.00 per week up to 2 weeks. I cannot and will not hold birds for longer than that. 


If you make an appointment to pickup your birds and you do not show your order will automatically be cancelled. 

If your order is cancelled at any given time your deposit is forfeited. ALL DEPOSITS ARE NON-REFUNDABLE: 


When purchasing birds from Cathy's House of Chickens you acknowledge that you have read the policies and understand once the bird has left my property we are no longer responsible. If there is any questions, please don't hesitate to ask.  



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