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About Us

My name is Cathy, owner/operator of Cathy's House of Chickens. My hobby of raising my own flock happened after my open heart surgery. I decided to get the kids 12 chicks from agway. I raised them as baby chicks, got them their own coop and when they were old enough they went outside. Unfortunately, the kids lost interest quickly and  my chicken math got the best of me. It started as a hobby of hatching and raising them and now my hobby has turned into my passion of hatching and raising chickens. I focus on grow outs for the family that does not want to deal with the hassle of having chicks in the house.  If there is a breed that is not on my list I will be happy to obtain eggs hatch and raise the birds until they are old enough to go outside. 

What makes us different is here at the farm when chicks hatch they are given lots of herbs and vitamins to start building immune systems right away. As birds get older they are given quality feed, supplements, clean housing environments and lots of attention from me!

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